One Million Arab Coders – Bing Bong Cup Manager


I’ve been accepted in One Million Arab Coders initiative, Android Track & I already finished it. I decided to develop an app so that I could apply what I already learnt during the 3 months of the program. I decided to make Bing Bong Cup Manager application.

Bing Bong Cup will help you to manage cups and friendly matches within your friends or workmates.

Bing Bong Cup is open source, you can download or clone it from github using the following link:


Hossam Hassan

Keep It Simple & Straightforward


Scrum-and-XP-from-the-Trenches#08: Distributed Teams & Scrum Master Checklist

In this session we will cover the following:

PART SIXTEEN – How we handle geographically distributed teams

  • Distributed teams
  • Communication bandwidth in a wider sense
  • Some Implemented Measures
  • Offshoring
  • Team members working from home

PART SEVENTEEN – Scrum-master checklist

  • Beginning of sprint
  • Every day
  • End of sprint
  • Try to make yourself redundant

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Thank You and always keep it simple & straightforward 🙂

Scrum-and-XP-from-the-Trenches#07: Handle Multiple Scrum Teams

In this session we will cover the following:

PART FIFTEEN – How we handle multiple Scrum teams

  • How Many Teams to Create?
  • Virtual Teams
  • Super-Team or Dynamic Sub-Teams
  • Optimal Team Size
  • Synchronized Sprints – or Not?
  • Why we introduced a “team lead” role
  • How we allocate people to teams
  • Specialized teams – or not?
  • Rearrange teams between sprints – or not?
  • Part-time team members
  • Scrum-of-Scrums
  • Firefighting Teams (Support)
  • Splitting the product backlog – or not?
  • Code Branching – Important Lessons Learned
  • Multi-Team Retrospectives

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Next session isA, we will talk about:

  • PART SIXTEEN – How we handle geographically distributed teams
  • PART SEVENTEEN – Scrum-master checklist

Thank You and always keep it simple & straightforward 🙂

HOS Target – Xamarin.Android

HOS Target is my first developed app using Xamarin Native Android.
HOS Target simply enables you to manage your own target and tasks.

HOS Target is open source & you can Clone or Download it from Github using the following URL:

HOS Target – Dashboard

Displays summary of your current targets and tasks grouped by status.

Nexus 5 (Lollipop) Screenshot 1.png

HOS Target – Add/Edit Target

Target details are Subject, Description, Date, Priority(Low, Medium, and High), and State(New, In Progress, Done)

Nexus 5 (Lollipop) Screenshot 2.png

HOS Target – Manage Target Tasks

View/Manage your target tasks.

Nexus 5 (Lollipop) Screenshot 3.png

HOS Target – Add/Edit Task

Task details are Title, Description, Remaining, and State(To-Do, In Progress, and Done)

Nexus 5 (Lollipop) Screenshot 4.png

Thank You & Always keep it simple & straightforward.


Scrum Wiki

ScrumWiki is my own developed tool that used for communicating the Sprints Info Details among the company.

ScrumWiki simply displays the current running sprint details, It took from me about 40 hours during 3 weeks to finish developing it using MVC with Entity Framework.

ScrumWiki is open source & you can Clone it from Github using the following URL:

Sprint Info Details

  • Sprint Goal
  • Sprint Backlog
  • Sprint Schedule
  • Sprint Team

Running Sprints.png

Man of Sprint

This feature developed mainly to encourage the competition among the Scrum Team.
The best performance team member during the sprint will be the Man of Sprint.

Man of Sprint.png

Admin View

Manage Projects (Add, Edit, or Delete)

Manage Projects.png

Manage Sprints (Add, Edit, or Delete)

Manage Sprints.png

Manage Product Backlog Items (Add, Edit, or Delete)

Manage Backlog.png

Manage Sprint Team Members (Add, Edit, or Delete)

Manage Sprint Team.png

Manage Team Members (Add, Edit, or Delete)

Manage Team Members.png

Manage Roles

Manage Roles.png

Thank You and always Keep It Simple & Straightforward.

Real World Scrum Team Foundation Server 2013: 04. Automated DoD


I was watching real-world-scrum-team-foundation-server-2013 course on Pluralsight and I’d like to share with you my summary of part “04. Automated DoD” from this course & I hope it may be useful for you.


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Thanks & Keep it simple & straightforward 🙂