Scrum-and-XP-from-the-Trenches Session#02: Sprint Planning

In the last session, we covered part 1 and 2 from the book. We talked about the basic requirements for Scrum and how to make the product backlog. You can check it from the following link:

Scrum-and-XP-from-the-Trenches Session#01: Intro & Backlog

In the 2nd session, we will cover the following:

PART THREE – How we prepare for sprint planning

PART FOUR – How we do sprint planning

  • Sprint Planning Meeting Purpose.
  • Sprint Planning Meeting Concrete Output.
  • Why the product owner has to attend?
  • Why quality is not negotiable?
  • Sprint-planning-meeting agenda.
  • Defining the sprint length and goal.
  • Deciding which stories to include in the sprint.
  • How can product owner affect which stories make it to the sprint?
  • How does the team decide which stories to include in the sprint?
  • Why we use Index Cards?
  • Definition of “Done”
  • Time estimating using Planning Poker
  • Clarifying Stories
  • Breaking down Stories into Smaller Stories
  • Breaking down Stories into Tasks
  • Defining Time and Place for the Daily Scrum
  • Tech Stories
  • Bug Tracking System vs. Product Backlog
  • Sprint Planning Meeting is Finally Over!

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Next session covers the following:

  • PART FIVE – How we Communicate Sprints
  • PART SIX – How we do Sprint Backlogs
  • PART SEVEN – How we Arrange the Team Room
  • PART EIGHT – How we Do Daily Scrums

Scrum-and-XP-from-the-Trenches Session#03: Sprint Backlog & Daily Scrum

Thanks and Keep it simple & straightforward 🙂


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