Scrum-and-XP-from-the-Trenches#04: Sprint Demo & Retrospective

Last session we covered the following:

  • PART FIVE – How we Communicate Sprints
  • PART SIX – How we do Sprint Backlogs
  • PART SEVEN – How we Arrange the Team Room
  • PART EIGHT – How we Do Daily Scrums

You can check it from here Scrum-and-XP-from-the-Trenches Session#03: Sprint Backlog & Daily Scrum.

In this session we will cover the following:

PART NINE – How we do Sprint Demo

  • The Sprint Demo (Sprint Review)
  • Why we insist that all sprints end with a demo(Review)
  • Checklist for Sprint Review
  • Public vs. Internal Sprint Review
  • Dealing with indemonstrable stuff

PART TEN – How we do Sprint Retrospectives

  • Why we insist that all teams do retrospectives
  • How we organize retrospectives
  • What can we do better next sprint?
  • Spreading lessons learned between teams
  • To change or not to change
  • Examples of things that may come up during retrospectives

PART ELEVEN – Slack Time Between Sprints

  • Slack Time Importance
  • Slack Time Examples
  • Lab Days

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Next session isA, we will cover the following:

  • PART TWELVE – How we do Release Planning and Fixed-Price Contracts
  • PART THIRTEEN – How we combine Scrum with XP

Thank You, and always keep it simple & straightforward 🙂